There are policies and there are policies

For every human who takes on the responsibility of a pet, there comes a time when pet insurance is a topic you just have to consider. In some countries half of all pet owners take your pet insurance while in other places only a small percentage have cover. Why that is so is yet to be discovered. But once you decide that pet insurance is a wise and economically sound investment, you then need to decide on the type of policy which best suits you and your pet. As with insurance for a house and contents, a business, a boat or a car, there are variations within the policies for pet insurance.

The first step is to know exactly the health condition of your pet. This can easily be obtained with a visit to your local vet advising them that you are considering pet insurance and you would like to know if there are any health concerns at the moment and if the vet knows of any pre-existing condition which may exist. This latter point is important because most pet insurance policies will not cover operations which are a result of a pre-existing condition.

Now the sorts of things you need to consider when selecting your pet insurance policy includes illness, injury and emergencies. Any or all of these factors can occur at any time. Your pet insurance policy should offer good cover for each of these three situations. Be prepared to ask the insurance company a number of questions. If any part of the policy is confusing or needs further explanation, don’t agree to anything unless you are clear in your mind as to what is and what is not covered by the policy.

A simple rule of thumb test is that provided an illness or injury is not related to a pre-existing condition, your pet is covered. If that is the case then that is a solid foundation for any pet insurance policy. In many cases it will mean you only pay a small amount of any charges with such an amount usually being about 10% of the vet’s fees.

There are additional things you may wish to consider. Do you wish to have regular health inspections covered by the policy? This can mean a six monthly health check, perhaps cleaning teeth, receiving a vaccination and being given a worming treatment. With an increase in the premium, those types of basic medical care treatments can be covered by the policy. Then if you need someone to care for your pet and that involves placing the animal in a boarding facility, the costs of such care can also be covered by your policy. You choose the type of policy you want and the type of premium you are prepared to pay. Find out more from various pet insurance providers, once such example is RSPCA Pet insurance.

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