Dental Vet

How to Choose Dental Vet Supplies Online

A regular dental care program at home not only cuts down on the likelihood of your dog or cat developing any dental issues, but it increases their quality of life. Thankfully there are several dental-related vet supplies online that make it easy for pet owners to select the right products to keep their pet’s teeth healthy and clean.

Tooth Brushes
Vet supplies like pet tooth brushes come in a variety of different styles, sizes, and shapes to accommodate your pet. For dogs, you can find dual ended tooth brushes that allow owners to get a real good clean on both their front and back teeth. Finger brushes can also work well for dogs, especially for smaller breeds.

Cats can be a bit more tricky when it comes to tooth brushing, but a cone shaped cat toothbrush tends to work best.

Look at any number of dental products for pet care online and you’ll be amazed by the number of different flavored and types of toothpastes available. Though there are “mint” flavored tooth paste products for dogs and cats, most pets prefer several of the “meat”-based flavors, such as bacon or poultry flavored for dogs or malt and seafood flavored for cats.

To accustom your pet to toothpaste, always allow him or her to give it a lick first. If they seem to resist the toothpaste, try dipping the toothbrush in beef or chicken broth for dogs, and tuna water or clam juice for cats.

But good dental health isn’t just about brushing your pet’s teeth; it’s also about providing them with toys they’ll love to chew that will also effortlessly clean their teeth! Vet supplies online like rubber toys and rawhides are a good choice for most, but as a rule of thumb, never select any toys that are harder than your pet’s teeth. For dogs, it’s also a good idea to steer clear of tennis balls as they can quickly wear down the enamel on his or her teeth.