Benefits of Dog Insurance from E&L

Most dog owners will not see their furry friend as a pet, but rather a member of the family. They’re loyal faithful and have a capacity for love that rivals many humans. So when a family dog gets sick, or has an accident, the whole household is thrown into turmoil. Vet fees can be expensive and the really costly procedures are hardly ever planned for. By taking out dog insurance from E&L, dog lovers can ensure that their best friend can be cared for should the worst case scenario ever come to light.

Drawing on 20 years of experience, E&L have identified with what dogs and their owners need from their insurance. With three kinds of insurance; Silver, Gold and Diamond, owners can choose from three different payment plans offering cover of up to £6000 for vet fees. Owners can sit back and relax, knowing that there is no question of their four-legged friend receiving the care and attention they need in an emergency.

Not forgetting the long-standing members of the family (dogs aged 8 and over) E&L offer a senior dog insurance. This is a great opportunity for families to take care of their elderly dogs. As with all people, the older a dog gets, the more care and attention they need and the more likely they are to need medical procedures carried out on them.

All people would hope that there is never a time where they will need to make use of such insurance. Unfortunately, there are no certainties with animals. Yet by taking out dog insurance, there is the peace of mind that comes from forward thinking and preparation.

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