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Why Wholesale Vet Supplies Online Aren’t As Great As They Seem

There’s a lot of good to be said about buying vet supplies online, especially wholesale. The immediate benefit to buying anything in wholesale is that you get more of something for less. You can find a ton of dog shampoos that would usually set you back $20 for half price, or flea pills that market for $65 for $55 a packet instead. Buying pet care products in wholesale is often the smart way to shop, but it isn’t always the best way.

Lack of Storage Space
Buying anything wholesale means that you’re getting a whole lot more than you actually need. Buy pig ears online, and you’re buying a massive box that may go bad in 6 months if they go unused. Medications and other veterinary-related products, though they tend to be on the smaller side of things, still often present a storage issue.

Expired Products
The problem with wholesale is that a lot of the vet supplies that are purchased may have expired while they were sitting on their warehouse shelves. While most pet stores online who sell wholesale products are quite conscientious of expiry dates and send only fresh products, there are some out there who routinely make a point of mixing expired products in the good, in hopes that pet owners won’t notice.

Limits on Purchases
A lot of wholesalers insist that a certain amount of a product must be purchased before a buyer can buy items at the wholesale price. So in order to get a great deal on vet supplies online , many pet owners are forced to buy an extravagant amount of one thing in order to see any real savings. In the end, owners are left with a lot of wasted product and wasted money.